Lower Cholesterol

The keys to lowering cholesterol are to become trim and fit and to enjoy my Sweet Sixteen Vitality Foods in your diet. Medical foods will also help lower cholesterol levels nicely. A typical patient in my clinic lowers their cholesterol by 20-30% by following our Ten Years Younger dietary recommendations, and an occasional patient might drop their cholesterol by 100 points.

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To Lower Your Cholesterol, Follow these Key Steps:

  1. Add more soluble fiber. You should eat at least 30-50 grams of dietary fiber daily with at least 20 grams of soluble fiber if you hope to lower your cholesterol level. Soluble fiber is in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, oats, and sea weed. Insoluble fiber from wheat and cereals is good for your gastrointestinal system but is less effective at lowering cholesterol. See my fiber table for details.
  2. Eat much less saturated fat. When you eat saturated fat from fatty dairy and fatty meats, this stimulates your body to produce more cholesterol. Eating saturated fat actually raises your cholesterol blood level much more than eating cholesterol, because your body makes a great deal more cholesterol than you can eat. See calculate your saturate fat intake for a list of saturated fat content in food.
  3. Succeed with Weight Control. If you are overweight, and need help, then please see Succeed with Weight Control for more details.
  4. Add a medical food that has been studied in randomized controlled clinical trials and with published results showing improved cholesterol control, such as UltraMeal 360. I have had outstanding results in my patients who wanted to lower their cholesterol, lower their blood pressure, raise their good HDL cholesterol, and improve weight control too. If you follow steps 1, 2, and 3 above, then Try 2 scoops of UltraMeal 360 once or twice daily as a meal replacement, and congratulations on your results. My favorite is the vanilla flavor, with 1 cup of organic calcium fortified soy, almond, or coconut milk and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries.