Soothe Stress

The Relaxation Routine

Combining an anti-aging diet plan with aerobic and strength training are the keys to your success. But one roadblock that detracts from this goal relates to stress management. We all know that stress kills, but not everyone appreciates that prolonged and excessive stress increases blood pressure levels, worsens mental function, depletes muscle mass, and builds unhealthy and undesirable waistline fat, too. While some stress gives us purpose, drive, and challenge (good things), excessive stress can self-destruct the best exercise and diet plan. To establish a successful “Relaxation Routine” to manage your stress, aim to sleep at least seven hours nightly, exercise daily, limit caffeine and alcohol to not more than 1-2 servings daily, and share love, intimacy, and affection freely to maximize your stress management program.

For more details, please read Chapter 7 in Ten Years Younger.